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Welcome to Counselity

What is Counselity?

At Counselity, we offer personalized therapy to help you better understand, accept, and manage difficult emotions. We aim to support you in addressing emotional stress that may impact your daily functioning. We provide a holistic approach to relieving symptoms and resolving mental health issues. We offer a personalized therapy program to help change behavior and reintegrate into society for everyday life while respecting privacy.

Our Experts

Meet the dedicated team of experienced psychologists and therapists at Counselity.

Aakriti Chaturvedi
Ms. Aakriti Chaturvedi

Psychologist, Art Therapist, Hypnotherapist & Parenting Coach

Sakshi Tyagi
Ms. Sakshi Tyagi

Clinical Psychologist & CBT Practitioner

Madhavi Sachdeva
Ms. Madhavi Sachdeva

Psychologist, Parenting Coach, Family & Relationship Therapist

Mansi Kataria
Ms. Mansi Kataria

Psychologist, Art Therapist & Child Psychologist

Counselity’s Unique Approach

Tailor-made Plans

The intake session gives the therapist an accurate understanding of your situation while allowing you to get to know their personality and listening skills. The focus is on making you feel at ease and able to discuss your concerns openly. Following the intake session, a specialized therapist will be assigned based on the diagnosis. This tailored plan will target the root of the problem, making it easier to achieve a successful outcome.

Empathy-Driven Core

We are sincerely committed to the well-being of our clients and take a personal interest in their needs. Our approach fosters a strong and meaningful connection based on understanding, attentive support, and genuine acceptance.

Solution Focussed Therapy

At the heart of our mission is the desire to support and uplift our cherished clients. We believe in utilizing a healing approach that centers around your strengths to manifest your desired future.

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